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pre-order for a hoisery

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1pre-order for a hoisery Empty pre-order for a hoisery on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:16 am


My name is Kate and I would like to present you a new service - a hoisery every-month delivery. It's like you monthly coffee - you order it once, and then you can get it every month via post office. It's fast, easy and great way not to forget your hoisery any more Smile I know, that many times I did find myself in the situation, when all my tights are not usable, and service like that would save my life.

I'm going to supply myself in wholesale place like that: and then pack it and send to my customers.

what do you think? would you subscribe to my service? I will try to add priceing here later, but for now, just an idea is ok.

what is your opinion?

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